Glam Rock, Punk Rock and David Bowie

In the British music scene Wall and Taylor was mostly known for their magazine called Black Magazine it was aimed particularly for black youth audiences. Some white (the underground and skinheads) audiences did not identify well with the reggae or soul music nor the fashion that came with it. So they created an outlet for themselves: Glam Rock or Punk.

Glam rock was created as an expression to be who you want to be with out political correctness. Being dressed in glam rock was being a character of imagination without reference to sexuality, race, gender etc. David Bowie was well known for this expression going against all political and social stereo types. He did whatever he wanted he wore make-up tight clothing; he had dyed hair and much more. His notable character/persona was “Ziggy Star”. As time passes the shift of analyzing class and youths turned into what was ones’ sexuality or gender. Even today the question of ones’ sexuality and gender is still strong; Lady gaga for example gets asked both questions every time she does interviews.

Glam Rock intended to isolate majority of the working class. It was categorized into two groups teeny boppers, the mainstream glitter bands (Marc Bolan, Gary Glitter) and the other group are the more adult teens into art who are intellectual and self-conscious follow artists like David Bowie, Lou Reed and Roxy Music. Punk Rock was rock but dressed differently from glam rock actually it was the opposite of glam rock. Punk fashion was not extravagant or over the top as glam rock. Punks wore straight jacket, scruffy hair and clothing, rugged jeans etc. It also got crossed over into the reggae scene dreads in particular. Dreads are normally associated with Rastafarianism culture but dreads in punk culture were showing liberalism.

David Bowie was known as a “product” his manager marketed him very well when he crossed over to America. David Bowie’s fashion and musical lyrics made a huge impact in the music industry in the 70 -80’s. He set a trend that was original and he did not even consider himself a rock artist but an actor on stage. Bowie seemed not to care about the political or social views of any one. He believed what he did was art and his work came from any and every where. We can see in the interviews they were mostly concerned about his sexuality. Also it was different in the American culture of rock because they released he was no like Kiss or Alice Cooper. According to Bowie almost every country has strong family ties except for England and America and they are the ones whole need rock and roll to bring everyone together as one. He also dubbed Mick Jagger as the mother image of Rock.

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Posted by yendie   @   13 November 2010

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Dec 12, 2010
#1 joanc :

Yeah I agree. It’s interesting how David Bowie was not just a performer but a true artist, in that, his songs, the way he dressed and his fashion statement was just mind-blowing. It was a very different look especially during the 80s. Glam rock back then made a huge impact on not only the music industry but the society as well.

Dec 12, 2010
#2 theblog :

Bowie was an all around entertainer without a doubt. If you look at the style of fashion and the music he created in the 80’s you can see he set a trend for other artists which are coming out today and are doing things the exact same way as him. He knew as long as he was being spoken about that was all that mattered.

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