Disco DISCO Disco

Disco was just not for gay people it was for everybody. I love disco music getting down and shaking my booty.

Richard Dyer states that disco is more than a form of music. It is dancing,club, fashion and film; ithas its own history and culture.He argues against that disco should be termed as capitalist music and that there are positive qualities of disco.

Some sources believed that in order to produce disco you need a capatalist who can fund the music becuase of it technological advances needed to create the music. Whereas rock & roll or soul could be easily made by non-professionals with a few instruments. Dyer believed anyone could create disco.

Disco is seen as an expression of sexuality, fashion, freedom etc. Disco was known as music for “gays”. But who is to say what is and what isn’t gay. They termed it gay because of the way of how the artists dressed and portrayed themselves in the music videos (To me that’s just a European way of dressing). E.g. The Village Men. Disco was also seen as Romanticism music. Using instruments such as a violin, a choir and lyrics of love. Diana Ross was known for this expressing love in her songs.

Richard Dyer states that disco is an experience that allows us to live in a material world and express/rediscover of sexuality. Disco cannnot change the world  but, it can allow you to have an experience.

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Posted by yendie   @   6 November 2010

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Nov 6, 2010

I think its awesome to know people such as you who still enjoy disco. Not many would name disco as a favorite genre of theirs right off the bat. I commend people who have a wide variety of tastes in music.
On another note, from a modern perspective I believe anyone can create music. It just depends on how the music is perceived and accepted.

Nov 6, 2010
#2 Lisa K :

Disco being “gay” is definitely a stereotype that’s probably fueled by mass media. Pop music can be seen as “white” (aka Britney Spears) whereas Rap can be seen as “black”. I guess the fact that men got up and danced with passion was what displayed “gay” on the dance floor. But you’re right, anyone can love any genre of music without being a part of that genre stigma just as you love Disco and it’s not just for “gays”.

Nov 14, 2010
#3 Amy Herzog :

Disco is definitely not an exclusively gay genre, but it is important to know the major role gay culture played in terms of promoting, producing, and popularizing this style of music and the scene that accompanied it. This is in fact one reason why there was such a negative backlash against it– it was seen as feminine and less “hard” than rock music.

Nov 30, 2010
#4 plcest89 :

My final paper actually talks about the negative stereotypes of the disco movement and how they have been changed over time. Many people now look at disco in a more positive light and even use some disco features in our present culture. My paper also talks about the death to disco because of the amount of homophobia and racism going on. This led to the backlash against disco and ultimately its downfall. One of my scholarly sources was called, “Discophobia: Antigay Prejudice and the 1979 Backlash Against Disco.” The journal defines discophobia and talks about how the movement began as a form of expression but later was pushed away because of homophobia and racism. You commented on the articles positive outlook of the disco movement and its form of expression. I think that the connotative meaning behind disco has changed over time and we can now look back and remember the disco in a new, more positive light.

Jul 16, 2013

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