Micheal Coyle Hijacked Hits and Antic Authencity

Dwight Yokam demonstrated, not only he can sing country music, but he can sing songs from other genres in any range. Music artists such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones etc. sang over songs but they sang it in their own voice or style.  Since Rock and Roll era “Cover Song” has been established in the music Industry.  Problems occurred with artists singing over other artist’s songs, it was the period of post war competition between the music industries.

Cover Records developed from a practice as old as the recording industry itself. It was a time when “race” records began to have mass appeal on whites. In the past when “covering” a song it was known as hijacking but today it is simply called a cover. I find this strange because it was a time when segregation and racism occurred very strongly. What ever a black artist sang a white artist sang over. I could not help to think this was some type of provocation to demonstrate the saying “anything you do, I can do better.” Some artists believed that their songs have been exploited. Today audiences identify the artist singing a song is original not knowing it is a cover. An Example of this is Glee. There was an episode where Kristen Chenoweth and Mr. Schuster sang the song fire originally By Bruce Springsteen but their young audience believed they were the original singers.“Strange Fruit” sung by Billie Holiday was one of the significant songs was seen as strange if a white artist did a cover. It was a conscious song about racism and fighting against it.

Cover Music remained in the Music Industry because it brought in sales. As the future of music grew it was no longer seen black and white race music: it depended on the artist whether they sang: Gospel, Rock &Roll, Pop, etc.

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Posted by yendie   @   22 October 2010

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Oct 23, 2010

I feel that young listeners today should research the original versions before they assume or conclude the one they just heard were the original singers. Glee is a good example for what we know today as ‘covers’. I don’t watch this show but from what I hear in the news, or online on entertainment sites, the teen market loves it. It’s good to hear a new twist of an old favorite but when it comes to hijacking hits, I feel it’s unfair to the original artists back then. I posted a blurb about hijacking hits in my latest blog. Take a look if you have time.

Oct 28, 2010
#2 wonder :

I really do enjoy it when artists make cover songs in their own style and voice. However some covers are actually made almost identically and it makes me wonder why some people enjoy certain covers more than the others. Is the voice nicer? Or is the style of it more personally appealing? It’s really sad when people think a cover sung is an original song. I mentioned “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia in my post just like how you mentioned your Glee cover-mistook-as-the-original.

Oct 29, 2010
#3 Ryan :

Every once in awhile when an artist covers a song, surprisingly it can actually turn out to be a great success. Although songs are covered all the time its rarely the case where the original is actually beat. I think people have to take into consideration who the artist is that will be covering a song and what song the band or he/she will cover. People have to question whether the song that the band/singer are covering fit or are similar to the music genre they make. However, I agree with the first comment that people especially the younger listeners should take the time out and research the original song versions. Then again who knows maybe the original version could be too fast paced or too slow for the listeners ears. They can only make this distinction once they have listened to both versions.

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