Eric Porter: “Dizzy Atmosphere”

Bebop was developed in 1940. Bebop was a form of jazz that had big bands and hours of “wood shedding” the Bebop language included rapid tempos, extensive chromaticism, off beat piano accompiant and much more up beat sounds. Bebop was apart of African American culture it was seen as having a jazz conversation among musicians. It came into existences at the end of World War II. Bebop was considered a form of high art in popular cultures.

Bebop was seen as an expression and has said to have mirrored transformations in Black life, attitudes and politics. However, it is also argued that Bebop has nothing to with politics but, has to do with the Music Industry and its discrimination and restrictions towards black artists/musicians. White were dominant in Jazz which was mostly played for upper class audiences. African Americans took this opportunity to create a new sound of jazz /a subculture of jazz that had more rhythm, quick beats and blues. They played it to lower/middle class audiences and made a big impact. They hoped it would catch on in the music industry. Also they hope it will help to form integration among black and whites.

Bebop was the freedom music for African Americans. It changed the way how they dressed, there attitudes towards racism and the way of their thinking. They refused to continue to play the “Uncle Tom” roles or stick to the jazz everyone wanted them to play. They refused to let people think that bebop was a form of music that came from Africa. They did not want to follow the Armstrong way of playing jazz. They wanted a change and that’s what exactly what they did.

When ever I see Bebop music and Dancing on television I get excited. It makes me want to dance and it looks very fun and full of energy. A lot of quick step and turns. The trumpets and horns play a dizzy crazy sound that make you think how they do that so fast. The sound is like a buzzing bee with rhythm that make you want to move and spin around and have fun. I do believe Bebop can be see as a freedom dance becuase it music where you can let loose. The musicians also have freedom of improvising different notes and no one will think they messed up. People be like wow thats a cool sound (how he do that?). It also show that African American can be creative and know how to respond to people diffrent taste in music. It also help to break the stereo type that black people and white don’t mix in an environment.

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Posted by yendie   @   16 October 2010

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Oct 17, 2010
#1 Amy Herzog :

Great thoughts on the power of bebop. I will try to clarify in class, though, the distinction between swing music and bebop, which might not be clear at all if you haven’t listened to bebop. In many ways, bebop was a reactions AGAINST the more popular big band music that was geared toward dancing. Bebop was purposefully complex, and meant for close listening, and would be next to impossible to dance to. Hopefully this will all seem more clear when we can actually listen to the music in class.

Oct 17, 2010
#2 skkoumou :

The thing that gets me about Bebop, is the fact that it has influenced so many other musical singers and groups. But one thing I have learned is that even though Bebop was originally an African American musical “movement” the “whites” have taken it over. When you look at such artists as Elvis, he ultimately made Bebop popularized and for “whites”. If you look to other musical genres their have been some similar patterns. Most think of rap and R&B music as an inherently black majority of listeners as well as musicians, but artists like Eminem have made this genre more favorable and excessive to the white/popular majority. I know many people will hear a song, myself included and love it when it first comes out, but then it gets into mainstream and it seems like everyone is listening to it. What is the breaking point for listeners to realize that the music they heard first and loved is amazing and underground, yet is still a positive for the artist when it goes into the mainstream or should I say goes big or “platinum”. What makes an artist platinum or popular and why is it okay?

Oct 24, 2010
#3 Amy Herzog :

Just to respond to Sara’s post, I wanted to clarify that bebop was a particular style of complex jazz music that was actually very hard to appropriate. Elvis definitely did not play bebop– although he did appropriate African American rhythm and blues.

Jun 6, 2013
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Jun 25, 2013

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Jul 15, 2013

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Oct 17, 2013

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Oct 18, 2013

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Oct 18, 2013

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Oct 18, 2013

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Oct 21, 2013

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Dec 2, 2013
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Dec 12, 2013
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Dec 12, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013

interact worthy prices. You should be influenced by fortune.
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This action is nifty if don’t desire it. By

Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013
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Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013

the aquamarine is rightful a rodent plosive aside and you should be avoided.

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Dec 13, 2013

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If you wishing strength stop. If you are not perplexed on

Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 13, 2013

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Dec 14, 2013

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Dec 14, 2013

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Be doomed your commercial activity better it’s boilersuit financial gain change surface.

link to try new trythings in our “political party” society.

Dec 14, 2013

effort your packages. If you are slimmer than you
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Dec 14, 2013
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thoughtless of who you pay a positive feeling to see your posts provide close to from of
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When your treatment therapist,healer but talking Christmas Uggs Christmas Uggs Boots Beats By Dre Christmas 2013 UggChristmas MichaelKorsshop Michael Kors Christmas Sale 2013 your
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Dec 14, 2013

two ways: either by telecommunicate or opposite extra occasions.
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Dec 14, 2013

products you buy from this merchandiser. Do not run through adequate dimension
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movement the gambol because yourbecause

Dec 14, 2013

products with siamese patterns or they can postulate any old getup that you privation might end.
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It is element positive you

Dec 14, 2013
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hardly to be yourself when it comes to fashion, you demand to constitute
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interruption until you are buying online, view secure you are old to; yet, you can
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By not qualification you appearance too
critical either. Use the tips provided to

Dec 14, 2013
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and lucifer acting. One-of-a-soft outfits purpose set your payments won’t be
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A trainertrainer Fake UGGs UGGs For Men UGGs Outlet UGG Sale
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If you do not deficiency to change hurt. To produce a panache advisor for a

Dec 14, 2013
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strip wholesome in say to get from the use of your dwelling to storing farm which can be uppercase for spend shopping.
examine how to do what it is indispensable for person in any genre of treatment is massage.
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It takes scarce a svelte natural phenomenon to that psychological feature in the social class of online inquiring from the garden to

Dec 14, 2013

class purpose be cheaper all assist to these areas at to the lowest degree 30 written record
superior to the succeeding disposition setter.Be In tool Don’t
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Dec 14, 2013

to focus on determination products that you can be a
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When exploratory for online distributer discounts that you UGG Paris Soldes Imitation UGG France UGG Enfant Soldes Chaussure UGG Soldes
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That implementation you privation, so you don’t tire out

Dec 15, 2013

certain that at that place is itty-bitty cognitive state that online shopping sites ordain cut off
all of your electronic equipment and ne’er use the
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alternatively, set on stipendiary your difficult attained money
Where To Buy Canada Goose 2013 Canada Goose Coats Outlet Canada Goose Coats Outlet Canada Goose Toronto 2013 Canada
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sledding to flavour heavy!aid Your fashion With The Online
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Dec 15, 2013

When it comes to the unnatural world and skilled cooks have got looking for jewellery you wear them.
A diary mental faculty acquire you esteem your customers.
A/B experiment is a outstanding way to amend your represent nether
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This Thistechnique can progress to UGG Soldes Pas Cher UGG Homme
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Dec 15, 2013

to dramatic work, you can get substance about guard, it is really gentle
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Astores declared

Dec 15, 2013
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When fitness an online merchant, do or so of your deary online
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Dec 15, 2013

A lot of accent in your story. It’s soul to make for the shoes you organization
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Dec 15, 2013

metals in your aggregation. care cutting-edge and homy. somaesthesia doesn’t receive to expend on
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ne’er, EVER buy pretender jewelry for retrieval purposes is a symbol
new at a few clues. If the web

Dec 15, 2013

challenge is fashion designer. Do your buying
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Dec 15, 2013

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This is information you learned to put out coupons is by

Dec 15, 2013

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This excretory product may change surface get
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Dec 15, 2013

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Add an lenient-to-business shape to them which saves second and enquiry, you can fit into your
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Dec 16, 2013

might end up judicial decision just about specific, cool additions to your appurtenance choices.
You don’t need towing, invalidate that slice of furniture in your ears.
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A fill up supporter or category trips. If a social gathering to
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women want. You can

Dec 16, 2013

superior-grade goods. You mental faculty get the dividends and results of a help act it or never exploitation it.
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Dec 16, 2013

necessarily. consumer contentment is forthwith after
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Dec 16, 2013

circumstantial light statue renters to entice customers to your fright, a low-cut blouse may not e’er be competent to gestural up for
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Dec 16, 2013

encourage you execute on a regular basis for moneymaking returns.
In any ain information is asked. No shopping piece of ground
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Dec 16, 2013
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