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21 November 2010
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Hip-Hop was created as an alternative identity formation and social status in a community by youths. The identities were forged in fashion, language, street names and establishing neighborhood crews or posses. Crews are a big part of the local identity because it’s what they consider family. The crew form bonds …

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13 November 2010
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Glam Rock, Punk Rock and David Bowie

In the British music scene Wall and Taylor was mostly known for their magazine called Black Magazine it was aimed particularly for black youth audiences. Some white (the underground and skinheads) audiences did not identify well with the reggae or soul music nor the fashion that came with it. So …

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6 November 2010
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Disco DISCO Disco

Disco was just not for gay people it was for everybody. I love disco music getting down and shaking my booty.
Richard Dyer states that disco is more than a form of music. It is dancing,club, fashion and film; ithas its own history and culture.He argues against that disco should be termed …

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22 October 2010
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Micheal Coyle Hijacked Hits and Antic Authencity

Dwight Yokam demonstrated, not only he can sing country music, but he can sing songs from other genres in any range. Music artists such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones etc. sang over songs but they sang it in their own voice or style.  Since Rock and Roll era “Cover …

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16 October 2010
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Presentation:1980’s/Music On Screen

The 1980’s was where technology and Pop/Punk, and Rock  music came alive. It was also the rise of music videos. MTV being the the outsource of music videos. My Research will be on how these different genre compare to each other in lyrics, style of dressing and style music video …

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16 October 2010
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Eric Porter: “Dizzy Atmosphere”

Bebop was developed in 1940. Bebop was a form of jazz that had big bands and hours of “wood shedding” the Bebop language included rapid tempos, extensive chromaticism, off beat piano accompiant and much more up beat sounds. Bebop was apart of African American culture it was seen as having …

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4 October 2010
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Musical Analysis: PAPI

Now a days listening to radio stations is getting quite annoying, because they all play the same thing at the same time. It seems as if they all call each other up and pick “five” songs for the day and they just rotate the songs. I personally find this frustrating …

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3 October 2010
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“Our Singing Country”

John Lomax was a man who turned his hobby of collecting American Folk songs into a musical business career. Lomax saw that he could help preserve folk music in the future.  One of the first people Lomax recorded in 1933 was Huddie Ledbetter also known as Leadbelly he was an …